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We regularly publish articles about developments in business litigation; one was recently described by the New York State Bar Association as "essential reading for all New York business lawyers."  We also co-authored a chapter in the leading New York commercial litigation treatise.  The following are examples of our legal publications:
  • Chapter on Project Finance and Infrastructure Litigation in Haig, Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts (4th Ed., 2015) 
  • New York Reins In “Common Interest” Doctrine 
  • New York Tests Daimler With Consent-To-Jurisdiction Rule  
  • New York Tests Daimler’s Limits with Its Consent-to-Jurisdiction Rule for Foreign Companies Registering to Do Business in the State   
  • The End of Personal Jurisdiction Over Entities “Doing Business” in New York—Or Is It? 
  • New York Puts Assets in Foreign Bank Branches Beyond the Reach of Judgment Creditors  
  • New Rules in New York Mean Speedy Trials for Commercial Disputes (But at a Price)  
  • New York’s High Court: Lost Profits May Be Recoverable For Breach, Even Where Contracts Preclude Consequential Damages
  • Standard New York Choice of Law Provisions May Apply Foreign Laws to Bar Claims, New York State Bar Association
  • How to Determine the Citizenship of LLCs (Hint: Keep Digging!), BNA Corporate Counsel Weekly
  • New York Taps the Brakes on Foreign Judgment Collection
  • New York's High Court Beckons Foreign Judgment Creditors to New York—But Does Koehler Loosen Cornerstone of New York's Economy?, Bloomberg Law Reports, Vol. 1, No. 14

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