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Our commitment to clients has served us well for years, and we are grateful to our sophisticated local, national and international clients.  

We represent clients of all sizes across the world, and across numerous industries, providing excellent legal service to each client, regardless of size, jurisdiction, industry, or legal needs.  Our clients range from established, multi-national publicly traded companies to closely-held family businesses, and from executives to entrepreneurs in a wide-range of businesses.  

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We have been retained at all stages of litigation proceedings, including taking over from other firms in the middle of a case and supplanting original counsel to appeal from judgments.  

In addition, other lawyers regularly appoint us as special advocates for their clients in sensitive situations involving conflicts of interest or special engagements.  For example, we conduct litigation, arbitrations, or investigations via special engagements, and partner with law firms that continue as client advisers while we conduct in-court advocacy.  Many of our cases are referred from other firms, from AmLaw 50 Law firms to solo practices.  A typical referral arises from a conflict or the need for experienced co-counsel.  Often, the referring firm has litigated with or against us previously and respects the quality of our work.   

We have gained acclaim not only from our clients, but from our colleagues, co-counsel, judges and even adversaries.  Here’s some of what they have said about us:

I wanted to pass along the high compliments Bill and Sevan earned for the terrific job they did. As you know, the entire process was challenging, and they handled it superbly. More fundamentally, their motion papers were excellent and probably decisive. As a result of their good work, the landscape of the case has changed substantially. Thanks for putting them on the case.