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Outside Counsel Management

In the limited number of cases where it makes sense for clients to use large or specialized law firms, we help our clients manage their relationship with their outside counsel to ensure they are represented effectively (both substantively and in terms of team composition) and efficiently (to ensure they are not over billed, etc.).  Having practiced for decades at large, elite, global law firms, we have unique and credible insight to help our clients manage their relationship with large firms, to ensure their legal strategies are aligned with their business objectives, and to bring their legal spend under control. 

The following are examples of the ways in which Hine & Ogulluk LLP (as either co-counsel with large firms or as outside consultants to our clients) helps manage our clients’ relationship with outside counsel:
  • We draw on our extensive experience as former partners at “big law” to evaluate our clients’ litigation strategies with an eye towards reducing their overall legal spend while offering a “second opinion” and fresh perspective by seasoned and unconflicted lawyers whose interests are aligned with those of their clients;
  • We prepare well-informed, detailed and realistic cost estimates and budgets, which serve as effective management and cost-control tools throughout the life of the representation. 
  • We evaluate quantity and quality of work versus time billed (especially on major litigations with large case teams) to evaluate and improve efficiency, mindful of our clients’ overall goals;
  • We devise and implement outside counsel billing policies and guidelines (tailored to each company or organization’s specific requirements) that are designed to avoid our clients receiving inflated legal bills.  We help craft robust guidelines to address lawyer billing practices (e.g., eliminate block billing and prohibit staffing the case with inexperienced junior lawyers) and expenses typically charged to clients (e.g., guidelines can limit or disallow expenses such as photocopy, printing, telephone usage, online research, meals and local transportation, and overhead expenses); and
  • We scrutinize monthly law firm invoices (and, as necessary, expert witness and vendor bills) to ensure reasonableness, accuracy and compliance with billing guidelines